Let's walk you through a typical day when you use our service

1. Your first step is to visit one of our leasing centers in Lakeview, Edgewater, Gold Coast or Hyde Park. Once there, our friendly hostess will help you to a soda or some fresh-brewed coffee while you take a seat in our cozy waiting area.

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4. Once we've found a spot you love, it's back to the office to fill out an application that will secure the apartment. The entire closing department is then at your disposal to make this yet another hassle-free step toward putting you in your dream apartment.

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2. Within a few minutes, you'll be assigned a leasing agent who'll sit down with you and chat about your tastes, your price range and what neighborhoods appeal to you most. Using that information, your agent searches through our thousands-strong database of properties and finds the four to eight apartments that most closely meet your criteria.

3. Now it's time to hit the street. For the next two to four hours, your agent will drive you around your ideal neighborhood and guide you through the selected apartments. Feel free to ask any questions that spring to mind, and don't hesitate to let your agent know about any concerns you have. If you don't find the perfect place on our first outing, we'll be glad to take you out as many times as it takes to put you in an apartment that works for you.

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