The easy way to be a landlord.
Introducing CAF Condo Management

Your rental property is a valuable investment but sometimes it can be both challenging and time consuming to deal with tenants and maintenance problems, especially if you are not living near your rental property. The solution is CAF Condo Management. We specialize in single unit condo management and can turn your rental property into a hassle-free investment.

8 ways we make your
life as a landlord easier

1. Hassle-Free. We handle the paperwork, renewals, minor repairs, cleaning and coordination with contractors and condo boards.
2. 24-7 Emergency Service. Our service ensures a quick response to maintenance requests and difficult tenants without your involvement.
3. Easy Rent Collection. Thanks to our Direct Debit System you are always ensured that your tenants pay on time.
4. Legal Advice. We can advise on the best legal route and coordinate late notices and collections.
5. High Retention. Occupancy creates yield. This is why our pricing model is set up with the owner's best interest in mind: qualified tenants, high rents, collected on time with minimal vacancy.
6. Income Maximization. We have the experience to help you get the best price for your apartment and the resources to rent it out fast.
7. Tenant Screening. We run a complete credit check analysis on every tenant in addition to employment and landlord verifications.
8. We rent out your property. Let us administer everything from advertising your unit to showing your property to managing the lease signing.

About us

CAF Condo Management is a professional property management company. We specialize in single unit condos and currently manage several hundred properties across Chicago. CAF Condo Management is owned by Chicago Apartment Finders, one of the fastest growing companies in Chicago. This grants us access to more than 100,000 potential tenants and a dedicated, highly trained support staff.

Contact us

To take advantage of our services, email us or call 773-435-5550.

Things you will never have to deal with again:
  • Leaky faucets
  • Toilet repair
  • Malfunctioning
    closet doors
  • Faulty light fixtures
  • Clogged drains
  • Rent collection
  • Troublesome tenants
  • Late night phone calls
  • Late night lock-outs
  • Appliance maintenance
  • Resealing tubs & sinks
  • Patchwork of drywall
  • Simple carpentry
  • Painting
  • HVAC work
  • Water damage
  • Professional cleaning

We can rent out your property

It's quick and it's easy. We will promote your property on the company web site and to the thousands of potential renters attracted by our marketing. Licensed agents affiliated with the company will show your property without you being inconvenienced and the closing department will make the final paperwork a hassle-free experience.

Option 1.
We manage your property
Price: 7% of the monthly rent
Option 2.
We manage and rent out your property
Price: 1 month's rent + 7% of
the monthly rent thereafter
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